Code Product Description Size Supplier
94114BAKO Chicken Slice
Tender pieces of chicken breast in a creamy béchamel sauce wrapped in a light puff pastry
80626Greenhalghs Chicken & Mushroom Pie
Creamy Chicken and Mushroom filling in a vegetable pastry base with a flaky pastry top
94112BAKO Chicken & Mushroom Slice
Plump pieces of chicken breast blended with a creamy chicken sauce and choice sliced mushrooms
84080Wrights Chicken & Mushroom Slice
Chunks of succulent Chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce encased in traditional puff pastry
80222Wrights Chicken & Ham Slice
Rectangular Puff pastry slice, containing Chicken and Ham pieces in a creamy cheese sauce
94134BAKO Chicken Curry Slice
Choice pieces of chicken breast blended with our secret mix of authentic eastern spices which produces a rich curry sauce with a medium heat
80107Wrights Chicken Tikka Slice
Authentic chicken tikka pasty
80716Lewis Pies Chicken Tikka Parcel
A rectangular, puff pastry parcel containing a creamy Chicken Tikka
80723Lewis Pies Mild Chicken Curry Parcel
Combination of Chicken and Vegetables in a traditional curry sauce, wrapped in a light puff pastry parcel
83682Lewis Pies Sweet Chilli Chicken Slice
Pieces of prime chicken breast with chilli peppers in a sweet sauce

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