Code Product Description Size Supplier
89009BAKO Meat & Potato Pie
Diced Potato and succulent beef, with seasonings in a shortcrust pastry case
80031Wrights Potato & Meat Pie
Potato and Meat encased in traditional shortcrust pastry
83668Clayton Park Potato and Meat Pie
A North West speciality, produced by baking soft white potato and seasoned beef in golden pastry
80634Greenhalghs Medium Potato & Meat Pie
Circular shaped pie with a potato, meat and onion filling encased in pastry
81106Greenhalghs Large Potato & Meat Pie
Large circular shaped pie with a potato, meat and onion filling encased in pastry
80658Greenhalghs Potato, Beef & Onions Puff Pasty
A meat and potato filling encased in puff pastry
83664Lewis Pies Potato & Minced Beef Slice
A delicious slice filled with Minced Beef and Potato encased in Puff Pastry
80538BAKO Minced Beef & Onion Pie
A round pie containing British minced steak and onion in a rich brown gravy sauce, surrounded by a shortcrust pastry base and a puff pastry lid. The pie is glazed with free range egg glaze. The pie is also free from, artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives and hydrogenated vegetable oils.
81101Greenhalghs Meat Pie
Circular shaped pie with a minced meat filling encased in crispy pastry
80033Wrights Traditional Pasty
Traditional vegetable and beef filling encased in puff pastry
84103Hollands Beef & Vegetable Pasty
A tasty mix of minced beef and crispy vegetables with spicy seasoning wrapped in flaky puff pastry.
80058Wrights Pea Supper Pie
Mushy peas on a Minced Beef and onion filling in a shortcrust pastry base, with a puff pastry lid
80057Wrights Cottage Pie
Cottage Pie filled with mince beef and onion and topped with mashed potato
83675Lewis Pies Chilli Beef Slice
A traditional mix of minced Beef, Red Kidney Beans, herbs and spices encased in puff pastry

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