Code Product Description Size Supplier
37987Arkady Supersoft 2000M
6% usage soft roll paste with mould inhibitor.
37342Arkady Bronze
Good quality general purpose bread improver soft roll paste.
37926Arkady Pearl
Top quality soft roll paste
37923Arkady Pearl 2000
Top quality soft roll paste with shelf life enhancers. Ant staling agents, good for chilled sandwiches
37975Arkady Softex
10% usage soft roll paste. Economical in use.
60227Bakels Baktem Red Soft Roll Concentrate
For the production of soft enriched rolls, hamburger baps and hot dogs with improved softness, volume and economy in use. Usage 10% on flour weight.
44012Macphie Bun Concentrate
Simple and easy to use, the versatility of this paste provides endless applications. It holds fruit evenly. Suitable for all users as it can be used in bulk fermentation and also ‘no time’ dough's.
44014Macphie Sofrol
Designed for use at between 11-15%. It produces exceptionally soft baps, finger buns and burger buns which are perfect for picnics, barbeques and bacon rolls.
44142Macphie Roll Conc Macp
82708Puratos Deluxe Soft Roll
Paste concentrate for all soft rolls; baps and fingers with an optimum shelf-life.
82031Puratos Bun Control Bar, With colour
Paste concentrate for fermented bun products.
60444Bakels Brackley Roll Concentrate
Powdered concentrate for rolls, hamburger baps and finger rolls with excellent tolerance and volume. Usage 10% based on flour weight.
82016Puratos Improved Soft R Soft Roll
Powdered concentrate for the production of soft roll dough's.

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