Our Philosophy, Future and Certification

Customer Care

Customer care is at the forefront of our business and our dedicated Customer Care team are available to deal with our customers' requirements and ensure their needs are met at all times. BAKO North Western is committed to giving its customers efficient, responsive and friendly service. Our Customer Service Charter states our commitment to providing quality products and services and offers our customers the standards by which to measure our performance. It is also in place to provide our employees with clear standards to aim for, making our focus on our customers unequivocal.

People are our Future

Our people are the future of our business and we are continually investing in training and personal development in all areas of the Company. A well-informed, trained and motivated workforce is the key to maintaining our leading market position. Our staff are the visible face of BAKO North Western and only by embracing their commitment, can we maintain continued growth.


BAKO North Western is accredited to ISO9001:2008, the BRC Standard for Storage & Distribution and are STS approved to supply hospitals and Local Authorities. We are accredited to the FAST Standard for computer and software management at full Gold level and to the British Safety Council Health & Safety Management award at 5 Star level.

Our continuing commitment to maintaining the highest standards within our business operations is expressed by these accreditations and continuous improvement is a constant feature in all aspects of our work.

Our Company fully recognises the importance of food safety and due diligence and our staff receive on-going training to ensure their competency in dealing with allergens and other hazards that could potentially be injurious to health. Our B.R.C. accreditation incorporates H.A.C.C.P.

The Environment

BAKO North Western has gained accreditation to ISO14001:2004 and is committed to the responsible use of energy, water and other resources. The Company aims to minimise any negative impacts on the environment, while maintaining operational goals and high levels of service for internal and external customers.

The Future

We look to the future with optimism and aim to continue to grow our business, implementing new efficiencies through continual improvement and ensuring that we implement a programme of corporate social responsibility. We shall continue to serve our valued customers as we have during the past 50 years of our business' history, investing in our people and adapting to the ever-changing needs of our industry with enthusiasm and purpose.

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