Consumers Offered ‘A Big Taste’ Free Sample at Local Bakers Shop

'A BIG TASTE' is a once in a year opportunity for bakers to demonstrate to consumers the difference in taste between hand crafted breads, cakes, savouries and pastries made locally and freshly baked every day by artisan bakers and those produced in factories.

"We want every craft baker, regardless of whether they are doing anything else or not to celebrate National Craft Bakers' Week, to offer customers, passers by and local community groups a chance to sample freshly baked goods on Wednesday 21st September. By involving all bakers we want this to be the biggest simultaneous tasting event in the country. The more bakers involved, the bigger the positive the impact on the consumer will be and hopefully local community bakers can reclaim some of the high street customers." Says Gill Brooks-Lonican, CEO, NAMB.

Independent bakers are urged to showcase their local specialities, hand crafted breads, decorated cakes, new products and customers favourites by offering free sample tasting sessions throughout the day. Trays of bite sized samples can be offered on counter tops, plates of samples can be handed to customers whilst they wait to be served, passers by may be invited to try some tasty morsels as they go about their business and community groups can be offered special tasting sessions – all as part of 'A BIG TASTE'.

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