BAKO Welcomes the world’s first dedicated sustainable bakery ingredients and foodservice packing operation to be built in Liverpool, UK

New Britain Oils Ltd is to invest circa £9 million in a new processing facility, at its Liverpool palm oil refinery, that will be the world’s first operation of its type dedicated to manufacturing bakery and foodservice products made with palm oil that only comes from certified sustainable sources.

BAKO who are committed to the use of sustainable palm, and have recently launched range of sustainable bakery products based on fats supplied by New Britain Oils and its supply chain partners, finds this announcement a welcome addition to the industry. Frank Wade, Senior Buyer for BAKO comments “It’s encouraging to find a company who are willing to invest in a facility, which can guarantee that we can deliver a sustainable source of Palm Oil to our customers.”

Alan Chaytor, Executive Director of NBPOL (a large scale industrial producer of sustainable palm oil in Australasia) adds, this marks another significant step towards giving the UK market what it really wants – affordable and responsibly sourced palm based food ingredients. The bakery fats category represents approximately 40% of the palm and palm oil derivatives demand in the UK. Many companies in this sector have claimed for years that it is just too difficult to buy, but companies like BAKO, have already proven that it can be done. It makes perfect sense for us to invest now in providing an even greater volume of traceable sustainable solutions to that part of the market.

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