Bako introduce management information software

Bakery supplies distributor Bako expects to save tens of thousands of pounds a year by introducing management information software to collate purchasing information across the organisation.

The group of six independent regional companies, with a combined annual turnover of 140m, expects a return on investment in less than a year..

Bako was losing interest on hundreds of thousands of pounds in trade discounts because it had to wait up to 12 months to generate reports to check suppliers' calculations of their discount entitlements..

It was costing about 30,000 a year in labour to keep track of purchasing information stored in ERP systems using different supplier codes and product descriptions in each of the group's companies. .

David Ferguson, Bako's IT services manager, said, "We have long been looking for a way of bringing information from the various information systems across the group into a single application, but had been unable to find software with enough flexibility at a reasonable price.".

In January 2008, Bako introduced Management Information Dashboard software to enable it to calculate and cross-reference trade discounts with suppliers instantly..

Ferguson said the software was "lightning fast" because all data was held in memory and did not require hundreds of calls to a database, like many other similar tools. .

"By collating information from all the systems across the group into a single application, we can now analyse our purchasing data in many different ways, easily identify trends, and get an overall picture of the group's performance for the first time," he added.

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