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To achieve a high level of health protection for consumers, the buyer is advised that products supplied from BAKO North Western are produced/retailed in line with stringent current guidelines. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer that products which may contain allergens or products which may cause intolerances' be manufactured/retailed in line with current legislations.

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Market Report Update

  • Market Report up until July 2014

    All percentage changes in this report refer to month-on-month price changes and are provided by Mintec.

    FX Rates

    Currency against Sterling   Opened May   Closed May
    Dollar   1.690   1.676
    Euro   1.217   1.229

    Soft Commodities

    In the UK, cocoa butter prices increased (+4%), reflecting firm demand from the chocolate industry. In response to high butter prices and weak demand, cocoa powder continued to fall (-5%).

    Oils and Fats

    Soybean oil prices fell in Rotterdam (-1%) while palm oil prices fell in Malaysia (-6%) and Indonesia (-5%). Rapeseed oil prices increased in Rotterdam (+3%).

    Rapeseed, palm and soybean oils fell, driven by an increase in the production forecast for 2014/15. Sunflower oil prices fell in Rotterdam (-2%). Prices for palm kernel oil and coconut oil fell in Rotterdam (-4%) as production is forecast to rise 6% YOY to 7.2m tonnes.


    Global wheat prices have fallen due to improved weather conditions in the main wheat growing regions of the US and favourable weather in the EU. Milling wheat futures fell on CBOT US (-10%), and LIFFE Paris (-3%), weighed down by high supply and good planting conditions in the US, the major producer.


    Turkish dried apricot prices were up significantly in the UK (+100%), doubling in price following sudden extreme frosts in March. Sultana prices were also up (+4%) in the EU, while raisins were unchanged (0%) on average.

    Spanish almonds fell (-7%). As the new almond crop progresses well, production is forecast to increase from the low levels of the last few seasons. Hazelnut prices were also up sharply (+12%) in Turkey as, like apricots, there is concern over how the crop will be affected by the frosts; the sharp increase caused trade to almost halt completely.


    Potato prices decreased overall in Europe (-15%) as plantings for the new 2014/15 season are now underway and are currently ahead of schedule. Onion prices have increased overall in Europe (+13%) as the already low supply in store diminishes.

    Milk and Dairy

    EU milk deliveries continued to increase seasonally, causing the price of some dairy commodities to fall. Butter prices in the EU fell, with prices in the UK (-3%) down during May before firming as we enter June. SMP prices were up in the UK (+4%) as the Spring flush comes to an end. Processed egg prices were up in the EU, with whole liquid egg (+6%) and liquid yolk (+1%) both up. Liquid white prices remained stable (0%).


    Prices for brent crude oil on ICE London rose (+2%), driven by good demand from the US. In Europe, both diesel and petrol remained unchanged.

A Warm Welcome to BAKO North Western.

BAKO North Western is a leading food service company, specialising in bakery supplies, serving the North West region from the company's headquarters in Preston, Lancashire. Launched over 50 years ago as a regional buying co-operative , today BAKO provides bakery ingredients, Food Ingredients, and food service products to Bakers, Butchers, Food Manufacturing Companies, Catering Companies, Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Sandwich Shops, Schools, Colleges and indeed any sector where a quality food wholesale supplier can add value to our clients business. The area we cover includes Lancashire, Cheshire, Parts of Cumbria, Merseyside, North Wales, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. Visit our Contact page for more information on the areas we cover.

Trade customers looking for the UK's leading Bakery Supplies Company choose BAKO every time for ambient, chilled, frozen, food ingredients and non food products as a result of over 50 years food service experience to the bakery industry, food manufacturing and customer focussed food industries.

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